Notes from the Dyepots #7

This week I’ve been dyeing some gorgeous Wensleydale fibre.  Like Bluefaced Leicester, Teeswater and Lincoln wool, Wensleydale is a very lustrous fibre.  It takes the dye really well, giving some lovely deep shades shown off to great effect by the lustre, or shine.  Wensleydale doesn’t felt well making it a great fibre for socks or other items that need to be hard wearing.

Magenta Wensleydale fibre naturally hand dyed


Aqua Wensleydale fibre naturally hand dyed


Onion Skin Wensleydale fibre naturally hand dyed

Onion Skin

One thought on “Notes from the Dyepots #7

  1. Deborah Dyer

    The Wensleydale fibre looks gorgeous, such lovely colours. I love your jewel colours.

    The BFL fibre you dyed special for me – onion skin, carrot tops and saxon blue (on white and cream BFL) has felted beautifully with chiffon silk into a nuno scarf. I still have lots left to make another design as well.

    I am looking forward to seeing your “mix ‘n match” Masham fibre you are busy dyeing for the Wharfe Wool Fair. I will be rummaging in the basket of goodies for some colours to make another scarf as Masham fibre felts well and it will be great to try some fibre I haven’t used before.

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